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How to Prepare Resume for Freshers – Do’s and Dont’s

Crafting your resume is one of the first tasks you will do before entering the job market. This document represents you and is the first step in your correspondence with potential employers. Since it is a professional document, there is a set of unwritten yet widely-accepted lists of Do’s and Don’ts or rules for how to prepare resumes for freshers. Following them can help you catch the attention of the recruiter and enhance your chances of getting an interview call. Moreover, they can also parse through the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) used by most employers and ensure that the crucial information is passed on.

Without any further ado, let us look at these Dos and Don’ts.

  1. Do mention a professional summary

    This section helps the recruiters understand the value you can bring to the table. It is a short description of your skills and achievements which can help them identify if you are suitable for a particular role. When looking for online jobs for freshers, you can mention your professional objective if you feel your professional summary does not have enough weight. Select a resume template for freshers that has the space for a professional summary.

  2. Do make a concise resume

    Ideally, your resume should not exceed one page. Professionals with ten or more years of experience can make it to two pages. The idea is to keep your skills, achievements and details of previous jobs as short as possible. Recruiters tend to skim through the resumes in a few seconds. You should be able to convey your strong points in that short period.

  3. Do quantify and use action verbs

    Create resumeWhile mentioning your experience, it is recommended to use action verbs. Make resumes that communicate your contributions and how you added value to your previous organizations. Moreover, always use numbers to convey how your effort helped achieve the objective. For instance, instead of saying “I was a part of the sales team”, try to use a sentence like “Drove sales in the western part of the state and exceeded the sales target by 18% in the first year.”


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  4. Do customise your resume

    When you make resume for freshers, do not consider it to be a one-time activity. It means you cannot give the same copy to different jobs. Tweaking the details to match it with the job description (JD) is essential to convey that you are fit for the job. It won’t take much time but will enhance your chances of crossing the screening phase successfully.

  5. Do mention skills

    Cv builder onlineRegardless of the job you are applying for, always mention your hard and soft skills. Hard skills are the ones that can be learned in schools or colleges. They are required to carry out the responsibilities of a job successfully. While you make resumes, also make sure that you mention your soft skills too. These help the recruiters imagine your personality.

  6. Don’t forget formatting

    One of the mistakes that you definitely want to avoid is submitting an unformatted resume. It can make resumes look unprofessional and leave an undesirable impression on the recruiters. Make sure that the font is consistent throughout the resume template for freshers and is readable. Moreover, use a professional font and not anything too intricate or quirky. Secondly, the margin should make resumes look fuller.

  7. Don’t use a complicated resume template

    The idea of using a creative resume template may seem tempting. However, it is best to select a simple resume template for freshers to make it readable. Moreover, making it too complex may confuse the ATS, which may be unable to retrieve the essential information. Select a simple resume format for fresher.

  8. Don’t write anything negative

    When you are applying for a job, avoid writing anything negative about your previous organization or work  Online cv makerexperience. You want to create a positive impact on the recruiters. It is best to leave out your failure or mistakes made in the past. Instead, focus on your strengths to make a stronger case for yourself.

  9. Don’t forget to do a grammar check

    Finally, re-read your resume before sending it out to employers. There are several tools you can find for free that can help you do a grammar check. Also, make sure there are no unnecessary capital letters used in the document.

Final Word

A resume is not just another document in your professional journey. It is your professional image that can make a strong case for yourself while applying for a job. Make sure that you keep it simple and follow the above rules for a greater chance of success. Now that you know all the tips for how to prepare resume, make your resume now!

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