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How A Free AI Based Resume Builder Is Helping The Youth?

Searching for that Dream Job is one of the most stressful times in any individual’s life. More so, when it is the first one. There are expectations you have from yourself and the ones from your family. Other than starting a career, you look forward to being financially independent and building a name for yourself. But to kickstart your journey, you need to make a resume for freshers that impresses the recruiters and nail the interviews to bag that dream job of yours.

As a fresher, you are aware of the competition – not only with your batchmates but thousands of other graduates across the country. To stay ahead in the game, you know it is crucial to impress the hiring managers with a professional resume and give them a strong reason to call you for an interview.

Let us see how an ai based resume builder online can get you an edge over your competition, and help get that dream job in any industry.

Professional CV Builder

Level the Playing Field

Corporate communication happens in English, and unfortunately, everyone does not have the same access to the language in school and college. If you get stuck because of your limited knowledge of the English language, AI-powered resume builders online can be the best way forward.

For instance, the VIPApplicant platform uses a text generator backed by AI (Artificial Intelligence). This platform uses the information you provide to generate a technically and grammatically-enhanced output. The relevant and appropriate your input is, the better and pertinent is the output.


Automated Formats

professional resume maker

One of the most vital aspects of making an impactful resume is to get the format right. You don’t want to end up with a resume format for fresher that recruiters are not used to seeing.

As per a study by Ladders Inc., recruiters tend to spend only 7.4 seconds on each resume. The study also found that top-performing resumes have a few traits in common. These include a simple layout with clearly marked sections, headings in bold with the details followed in bullet points and a crisp professional summary at the top of the resume.

The worst-performing resumes had cluttered layouts, multiple columns with less white space and lacked sections and headers.

Resume builders online take care of all these aspects and help you make a professional-looking resume in the first go. You don’t have to go through the struggle of searching for a good template and spending hours formatting the document. If you have been there, you would know that it can be quite a task.

Make a Professional Resume

When the hiring managers look at resumes, they want details. Long resumes that exceed one page and include lengthy sentences are a big no-no. It is best to leave such information for the interviews.

As they are pressed for time, hiring managers and recruiters want to see the gist of your responsibilities and achievements. VIPApplicant platform uses the VPN formula to make your experience section stand out.

VPN stands for Verb, Project or task and Number. The verb refers to an action verb that defines your contribution to a task. P is the project or the work assignment where you were involved. N is a number that helps in quantifying the success of your contribution.

A dynamic and real-time suggestion panel gives you feedback as you type sentences. The panel has seven such suggestions to make your experience section rich and impressive. The color code changes from red to green as you satisfy each condition and orange if you meet it halfway.

online professional cv makerTime to Prepare for the Interview


Often, candidates take a long time getting the resume right which leaves them very little time to prepare for the interview. Resume builders online allow you to get your resume in place in no time. With this done, you can focus on preparing for the interview and other tests that are a part of the hiring process.

It is all the more important for technical interviews where candidates need to study well and recollect their internship or project experience to prove their mettle.

In Summary

The youth of today experiences stiff competition in the job market. Making a resume is often the first step when you want to apply for a new job. With an ai based resume builder online, now it is an easy task that won’t take more than 20 minutes! With such a huge task taken care of, you can direct your effort and energy in preparing for the interview.

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