With VIP Applicant, making a resume online is now a simple task that can be done in ten minutes.

How Making a Resume Online with VIPApplicant, an AI Based Resume Builder, is Much Easier in 2022

With a new year comes the hope of new beginnings. If you wish to start your professional journey in 2022 or are looking for a job change, you may want to know the new way to make the perfect resume. With ai based resume builder to help you, now making a resume is a cakewalk. Don’t believe us? Hang on and read ahead.

AI Based Resume Builder

When applying for a job, your resume should be impressive to catch recruiters’ eyes and get you an interview call. However, it can be quite an uphill task.

Do not worry if the thought of making a resume unsettles you. Our platform, VIPApplicant, helps you in making a resume online that is impactful and matches the job description.

Let us see how VIPApplicant simplifies this monumental task of making a resume.

Advance AI-Powered text generator

Whether you are an experienced professional or a fresher, the experience section in your resume is a crucial one. In the case of working professionals, it is perhaps the most important one as the recruiters assess your eligibility for a job opening depending on your experience.

As a thumb rule, the information in this section should be concise and precise. Each statement should convey how you have contributed in your previous role and delivered on your mandates.

The advanced AI-powered text generator used by VIPApplicant assists you to do just that. The platform uses your inputs to provide three technically and grammatically-enhanced options to represent your responsibilities more effectively. If you are unsatisfied with the result, change your input to get fresh options. You can even use a combination of the three AI suggestions to make your statement.

Dynamic real-time suggestions

To make the most impact, each bullet-point in your experience section should have three components – an action verb, a project or a task and a number that quantifies the result of your contribution.

VIP Applicant gives you a 7-suggestion panel to improve the construction of your statements. It happens in real-time and changes the color from red to green as you satisfy each condition. If you are halfway there, it will turn to amber.

Different sections

VIPApplicant is an ai based resume builder which divides your resume into seven sections – professional summary, personal information, education, experience, skills, achievements, and extracurriculars.

The benefit of having these sections is that you need to fill in your details only once for different resumes. As per the job description, you may want to change the experience section to demonstrate a better skill match. Moreover, the platform can be your database for saving different resumes.

With VIPApplicant, you no longer need to edit and save multiple versions of your resume on your computer. All you need is to download the one you seem most fit for your next job application and download.

Skill library

making a resume onlineAdding skills to your resume is recommended to give a shape to your personality and differentiate you from the competitors. The hiring managers tend to skim through the resume, and your skill section may just be the thing to grab their attention.

It is all the more crucial for freshers who are hired only for their educational background and skills. In the absence of experience, this is what becomes the deciding factor.

VIPApplicant brings to you a skill library that allows you to add suitable skills and add weight while making a resume online

Best-practice manual

resume builder onlineThe resume-making process comes with a list of dos and don’ts. These are unwritten and unspoken rules that have become prevalent in the industry. For instance, following the reverse chronological order is the best practice when crafting a resume. The recruiters and hiring managers are used to this format.

We provide a video manual on VIPApplicant to help you make a crisp, professional and impressive resume.

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To Wrap Up

Making a resume is often a process that helps you crystallise your thoughts before you go in for your interview. However, it can be a challenging task when you are making a resume for freshers. With VIP Applicant, making a resume online is now a simple task that can be done in ten minutes. It is an intuitive, easy-to-use platform that gives you useful tips and suggestions to make the best version of your resume.

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