Looking for a job within six months?We have some job interview tips for you

Looking for a job is always challenging. More so, when you want to hop within six months of joining work. It is a situation that can put anyone in a spot. However, when you are not happy with a job, you have no option but to look for another one. The first task is to make an impressive resume for freshers if this is your first job. If you have an experience of more than a year, you can make an impactful resume using an AI based resume builder.

After you have a resume that feels good, the next step is to prepare for your interviews. Interviewers will want to know why you are looking for a new job when you have only just started working. It is an uncomfortable question, but you can answer it well if you have prepared your answer.

In this blog, I have discussed some job interview tips to prepare for this question.

Why do interviewers ask this question?

“Why do you want to change your job?” is a question you will come across in almost all of your interviews. Why do recruiters want to know your intent for changing your job? Here is why.

They want to know if you are impulsive

At times, people want to leave because they have had a disagreement with their managers or do not get along with their peers. It is a situation that can arise anywhere and is considered normal at workplaces. Instead of jumping to look for another job, the ideal solution is to try to make it work. It is one of the most common hr questions for freshers who are looking to change their jobs within six months.

Recruiters want to assess your stickiness

Hiring is expensive for organisations. As per Glassdoor, the average cost to hire a new employee is $4000 in the US. The data for India won’t be much different.

Apart from the expenses, an organisation has to suffer in loss of work when an employee leaves. It is the reason they want to hire a person who will stay for a decent period. It is one of those hr questions for freshers or experienced professionals that help them try and understand your stickiness or willingness to stay with an organisation for long.

To offer you what you want

It is not uncommon for people to want to leave their jobs within six months. Recruiters understand that there could be mismatches between the offer and the expectations. Perhaps your company is not utilising you and has put you on the bench. Or they have changed your role after hiring you.

By asking this question, they want to ascertain if they can offer you what you want in a job.

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How to answer this question these hr questions as freshers?

It is advisable to prepare your answer to this question before going for the interview. You will be able to answer more confidently. Here is how you should take on this question.

Be honest – If there is a virtue that recruiters value the most, it is honesty. Instead of beating around the bush or coming up with an answer to impress them, be transparent with your reason. Perhaps, you did not get the right opportunity in your college. Maybe, you do not like the fact that you are on the bench. Or your role is different from what was communicated to you. These are all legit reasons to look for a new job.

Get to the point – Instead of making long winding stories get straight to the point. It would also send a message that you are clear about what you want and are ready to take risks to achieve your goals.

End on a positive note – Finally, end your answer on a positive note. Never blame your current organisation or manager for forcing you to take this step. Instead, give it a positive spin and mention that you want to use your skills productively. Say how this organisation fits well into your goals and how you can contribute meaningfully to it.


Final Word

Changing a job within six months is not an unusual scenario. However, the way you handle it can make a significant difference in your job search. Firstly, try to make a professional resume for freshers. Secondly, use the job interview tips given above to come up with a convincing answer as to why you want to change your job this early.

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