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What Are The Advantages Of Making An Online Resume For Freshers And Professionals

Making a resume is often the first step you take towards bagging the job of your dreams. However, making a resume is also the most daunting one. More so, if you are making a resume for freshers. You want to impress the recruiters and want to convey your achievements in the best way possible. However, you keep second-guessing your choice of words, the template and if you have put everything out there.

Online Resume For Freshers

With experience, you get the professional maturity to make better versions of your resume. However, the competition is stiff, and you want to put your best foot forward. If you are a working professional, you want to demonstrate your responsibilities and achievements in your job to differentiate yourself from other candidates. At times, you may also wonder why you are not getting interview calls despite having the relevant experience. The answer could be in your resume.

In most organizations, the recruiters are deluged with work. As per a survey, they may get as many as 250 resumes for each opening. Considering they may work on ten open positions in a month, the amount of CVs they receive can be overwhelming. As a result, they tend to skim through the resumes. If your resume does not contain all the right elements, the recruiters may not consider you as a fit candidate.

Making a resume online can help you overcome these challenges and make job-application a smoother experience. Let us see the advantages of making a resume online

Saves Time

Making a resume online or using an ai based resume builder can reduce your time and effort considerably. As the format is already set, you don’t have to spend time browsing and selecting a template. You can spend this time preparing for the interview. At times, companies visiting campuses tend to give short notice to the students to apply for a job. In such situations, you can quickly make the changes and submit your resume before the deadline.

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AI adds more impact 

Resume format maker When you are making a resume online, selecting a tool that uses AI can make a considerable difference to the quality of your resume. For instance, a resume builder that uses AI-powered suggestions can give suitable options to make your resume more impactful. All you need is to input a few words about your experience and achievements, and the tool will throw sentences to present it in a more presentable and professional manner. As AI programs are continuously learning, these tools can help you align your resume with the preference of the recruiter.


A resume is never a one-size-fits-all. Every company can have slightly different responsibilities for the same job title. It is advisable to make your resume suit the job description to catch the eye of the recruiter and enhance your chances of getting hired. While making a resume online, you can instantly make such changes and customize your resume. That too, without altering the format, which can be quite a challenge if you do it manually.

Error check

Submitting a resume with grammatical errors is something you want to avoid at all costs. Moreover, you want to ensure that you are not missing any information that can compromise your candidature. Whether you are making a resume for freshers or professionals, making a resume online can help you in both these scenarios. As the template is already fixed, you will have to key in all the details required to make a comprehensive resume. At the same time, an online resume builder will ensure that your resume is presented concisely.

Edge over competition

 Resume builder onlineAs an online resume builder will ensure that all the necessary information is present in your resume, it can give you an edge over the competition. For instance, the resume builder by VIPApplicant prompts you to add action verbs and quantifiers to add more weight to your resume.

Boosts confidence

Making a resume online will give you the confidence that your resume contains everything that recruiters look for. With this aspect covered, you can focus on other aspects of applying for a job. As a job applicant, you may have to take personality and aptitude assessments. Moreover, you have to prepare your answers for technical interviews. With your resume already done, you can give undivided focus to these other rounds.

To Round Up

Making a resume online can make your job search an easy and smooth ride. With one essential component of the job application taken care of, you can focus on converting your interview call into a job offer. You can also use an ai based resume builder to make the vest version of your resume.

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