Perfect Your Resume Format For Freshers With 3 Steps Today!

You could be a perfect candidate for a job, but without a perfect professional resume for freshers, you may not get close to giving it your best shot. Due to the immense competition in the market, recruiters tend to get hundreds of resumes for every position. Choosing the right resume format for fresher makes it visually appealing and allows the recruiters and hiring managers to scan your resume and find the relevant details. They are used to seeing the resumes in a particular fashion, and swaying from it may get costly for you. Employers may use advanced technology or new methods to recruit candidates, but the value of a good-old resume remains undeterred. While making a resume, it is not just your choice of words that matter. The way you present the information and select the criteria for job resume format also makes a difference.

Here are three resume format mistakes that you should avoid to make your job search process smooth and easy.

  1. Going too long or too short

The ideal length of a resume for freshers is one page unless you have a decade of experience. Some candidates think they have to make the resume long to impress the recruiters. On the contrary, short is better. Make sure that you use the space wisely and present all the relevant information in crisp and concise words.

For instance, VIPApplicant encourages the users to follow the formula of VPN while writing the bullet points in their experience section. V refers to the use of an action verb that defines the individual contribution that the user made at their previous organisation. P stands for the project or the task that the user was involved in. N is a number that can help in quantifying the results for a better understanding of the recruiter.

Apart from this, several freshers make the mistake of keeping their resumes too short. Even if you do not have any work experience, do not leave your experience section blank. Think of your projects or internships as equally pertinent and appropriate details to share. Every experience matters and would have helped you pick certain skills important for a job.

resume format for freshers

  1. Skipping the reverse chronological order

Unless you want to change your field or have a diverse background, it is always better to select the reverse chronological resume format for freshers. A reverse chronology for job resume format gives a structured overview of your career trajectory. As you go from your current work details to the first one, you show how you have grown in each of your job responsibilities. Apart from growth, it also shows your maturity in presenting how you have advanced and where you intend to go.

Apart from this, most recruiters and hiring managers are used to seeing resumes in reverse chronological order. Reading another format may make them think that your resume is incomplete or disorganised.

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  1. Using fancy fonts and a clean layout

Finally, the font and the layout for the job resume format matter more than you can imagine. You may want to use new and fancy fonts to differentiate your resume or make it look artistic. However, there are two problems with this. Firstly, such resumes may be junked by the ATS, as it may not be able to recognise them. ATS is a screening software that most employers use today. The ATS screens the resumes and passes the most relevant resumes to human eyes.

Secondly, using unprofessional fonts or fancy fonts may put off some recruiters who may take it as a sign of immaturity. To avoid this scenario, it is best to use standard professional fonts in your resumes.

Similarly, using a cluttered layout may not seem appealing to the eyes. If you use an artistic layout with too many sections and colours, the ATS may fail to capture some important information from your resume.

Final Word

To ensure that your resume does its job and communicates effectively to the employers on your behalf, try to avoid the mistakes shared above. VIPApplicant takes care of the right resume format for fresher sand gives you the best version of your resume in the first go. To make yours today, click here.


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