Why is VIPApplicant, a Free AI Based Resume Builder, The Best Among All?

For most individuals, searching for a job is a challenging phase. Whether you are a fresh graduate or have a few years of experience, the butterflies before the interviews are natural. The only way to keep your nerves cool is to prepare well in advance. For instance, making the perfect resume for fresh graduates can give you confidence and enhance your chances of getting an interview call. VIPApplicant, a free and ATS-friendly resume builder, can help you do this in a structured manner. In this article, we have listed why it is the best AI-based resume builder in town. 

AI-Based Resume Builder

Most recruiters jump directly to the work experience section when screening the resumes. It is the reason you should word this segment impressively. Most of the time, candidates struggle with writing about their work experience and professional summary for freshers. It can be challenging to present your responsibilities crisply and concisely.

VIPApplicant is India’s first ai based resume builder. It can help you write the bullet points in your work experience section and your professional summary. The AI powers the free resume builder to give options to write your responsibilities concisely and impactfully. You can either choose one of those options or use the language to craft your bullet points.

Industry-standard Practices

VIPApplicant follows best practices to ensure your CV stands a good chance of getting you selected. For example, as per a survey, recruiters spend only 6 seconds on every resume before deciding if it matches the job requirement or not. 

free AI based resume builder

You have to ensure that your resume includes all the correct details to make it through the screening process as you get a short window. For instance, recruiters are used to seeing information in reverse chronological order. Moreover, they prefer seeing the work experience section before the academic details in the profiles of working professionals. With VIPApplicant, you don’t have to worry about all these aspects as the AI-based resume builder takes care of them for you.

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When you are searching for online jobs for freshers,  there is a good chance that you will have to apply for several of them. Each role can have slightly different requirements, and the job descriptions may differ too. You can enhance your chances of getting an interview call by tailoring your resume as per the job description. Tailoring your resume means adding relevant details from your work experience to match the requirement. One easy way to do this is by adding the right keywords. VIPApplicant allows you to do this and save all the versions of your resume in one place. Then, to make a new version, all you have to do is make a few edits and save it for future reference.

Resume Evaluation Engine

The platform also offers a resume evaluation engine that tells you if you need to rework or reword your information. In addition, the report gives a score to your resume, which is an indicator of the quality of your resume. You can use this feedback to improve your resume and enhance your chances of bagging your dream job.


In this age of technology, most employers use Applicant Tracking Systems to screen and shortlist candidates. This software uses keyword matching to identify the most suitable candidates. Only when the system approves, the resumes reach human eyes for further assessment. VIPApplicant makes ATS-friendly resume. It is a sure-shot way to get your resume selected for an interview if your qualifications match the job requirements.

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When recruiters see your resume, they expect that you have proofread it. Seeing grammar or spelling mistakes can make you come across as a careless person. However, manually checking your resume can still leave room for such errors. VIPApplicants offers an autocorrect feature to ensure that you do not make these mistakes in your resume. 


Lastly, VIPApplicant is developed by industry experts. They have done exhaustive research on what recruiters want to see in your resume. As a result, the platform captures all the recruiters may want to see. It organises your details in different sections like professional summary, work experience, education, skills, extracurricular, etc. This way, it ensures that you share all the relevant information when applying for a position. 

Make Your Free Resume Today

VIPapplicant is your online cv maker that makes the task of crafting resumes simple, fast and efficient. With this free ai based resume builder, now you can make the best version of your resume in a few minutes and give your best attempt at your dream job.

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