3 Mistakes To Avoid In A Professional Resume Template

Avoid these common blunders so that the recruiter does not trash your resume.

Having worked as a recruiter at reputed organisations, I have evaluated a few thousand resumes. These are more often than not a mix of CVs for freshers and experienced professionals. To tell you honestly, the job of a recruiter can make you go nuts with a long list of to-dos. The volume of resumes that pour in for each open position doesn’t make the job any easier. 

As a result, not just me but also my fellow recruiters had to take a systematised approach to shortlist resumes. Over the years, as I have spoken to many more professionals from my field, I have observed it to be a common work secret that makes our lives easier.

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I am about to let you in on the recruiters’ well-kept secret that will make sure your resume passes through the filters of the human eye. All you have to do is avoid these three mistakes and choose a professional resume template. Any one of these on your resume can automatically get your resume rejected.

Irrelevant Experience

Most of the time, people apply to open jobs simply because they want one. They do not care to read the JD and are clueless when they come for the interview. I have come across several such candidates and have learnt my lesson the hard way. Apart from this, the number of qualified candidates is so high that recruiters find it easier to call individuals who have relevant experience. 

Similarly, if you have experience in coding but have applied for a marketing job, there is a solid chance that the recruiter will reject your resume. You could be trying to make a transition in your career with this move, and there is fundamentally nothing wrong with that. However, your chances of making it to the interview stage are slim.

Instead of leaving the section blank, a resume for freshers can include projects and internships under the experience section. Always look for a professional resume template that has all the relevant sections to demonstrate your qualifications.

If you are looking for a career transition, it is better to add some relevant experience details, or better, take a course that qualifies you for it. 

Mistakes to avoid in a resume

Typos And Grammar Mistakes

All jobs in today’s time require attention to detail and good communication skills – written and spoken. 

If you are sending in your resume with typos or grammar mistakes, I will consider that you lack one of the above two skills. While I will intentionally not try and look for typos in your resume, coming across one would make me disqualify your resume on the spot!

For us recruiters, your resume is much more than a document that tells us about your education and experience information. If I am being honest, we make an impression on you after reading your resume.

A resume with mistakes or typos indicates you are not putting out the best version of yourself when applying to my firm. That is something I would want to avoid at all costs. VIPApplicant is an AI based resume builder that gives spelling and grammar suggestions for your convenience and also suggests professional resume templates.

To make sure your resume makes the cut, double and triple check your resume. Proofread it before you send it in for an open job.

Focus on Content not Colours

I had to scan scores of resumes in a day. If your resume is a three-pager, there is a high probability that I will lose interest by the time I reach the relevant details.

Similarly, if you choose a fancy professional resume template with colourful and umpteen boxes or fonts, the recruiters may not be too keen to pursue it further. We like simplicity and information that is straightforward and easy to read. 

VIPApplicant is a platform that allows you to do exactly this. The AI-powered text generator gives you suggestions to make your experience section crisp and interesting. At the same time, it ensures that your resume is ATS-friendly so that it can reach the human eye.

If your resume is becoming too long, try to look at it through the lens of the recruiter. Add only the details that are relevant and will matter in the job. Cut out the rest and you will get the perfect version of your resume.

resume for freshers

Final Word

So here, I have let the cat out of the bag. By avoiding these mistakes and selecting a professional resume template, you can ensure you get called for the interview round. Whether you are making a resume for beginners or experienced, these can help you immensely in your job search process. To take an easier and full-proof way to craft your resume, try VIPApplicant platform today. It uses recruiter-approved formats and removes mistakes to give you the best version of your resume.

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