5 Tips To Make A Standout Resume For Freshers Including A CV Resume Format

As a recruiter, I found fresher hiring the most thrilling part of my job. The vibe and energy that youngsters bring to the table remain unmatched in the corporate world. The interview conversations would almost always take a fascinating turn and bring a breath of fresh air to my routine job. However, I also had a pet peeve with freshers. While these individuals came across as capable and qualified candidates, a resume for freshers hardly ever described them as so. I always found their resumes to oscillate between two extremes – either too long with little relevant information or too short with hardly any details that matter. Moreover, most of them do not follow the standard cv resume format.

I understand that making a resume is particularly challenging for freshers because of their limited experience. For instance, you may not know which is the correct cv resume format. However, you can avoid a few mistakes and present an appealing and impactful resume!

I have listed a few tips for your benefit if you are a fresher and do not have any work experience.

Add Internship/Project Details

Everyone has some experience. If that statement got you scratching your head, think about your project or internship experience. It may or may not have brought you a stipend, but it would have definitely got you relevant experience. Internships are critical because they give you a real-world flavour which is markedly different from the school/college environment.

You know how to follow deadlines, communicate with team members and deliver on your responsibilities. That’s all we recruiters want to know, and if you have done all this, you are qualified for a job that matches your skill sets. The CV resume format for freshers should always contain the details of projects and internships.

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The work experience section of VIPApplicant, an AI based resume builder,  has different headers like Projects, Internships etc. to blend this information seamlessly into your resume. Moreover, the platform offers an AI-driven auto text tool to help you write impactful bullet points.

Write A Meaningful Education Section

A company hires freshers only and only for their educational qualifications. Thus, make sure that you highlight this section and present it in the best manner possible. Firstly, follow the right cv resume format and layout. For easy assistance in making a comprehensive and relevant education section, you can use VIPApplicant to make your resume.

Secondly, make sure that you provide the complete and correct information in this section. If you are still pursuing a course or are awaiting the result, mention that in the resume.

Lastly, mention all your degrees, from the first till the last. If you have changed direction after your graduation and have gone for a completely different post-graduation degree, do not leave out the information about your grad school. Some companies may be looking for a combination exactly like yours.

Choose a CV Resume Format With Additional Sections

When it comes to recruitment, you need to demonstrate that you have stepped out of your comfort zone and have done a few additional deep dives in your subject area outside the classroom.

You can make up for a seemingly short experience section by adding more information in other sections. Recruiters want to know your personality when they look at your resumes. You can present yourself as a well-rounded candidate and enhance your chances of selection by adding more sections in the cv resume format.

It is always a good idea to include other sections like extracurriculars and achievements. However, make sure that you do not add irrelevant details like winning a painting competition in your 8th grade. Choose information that adds weight to your application.

Proofread Your Resume

This is a tip that you would want to follow for the rest of your career. Always and I mean always, double-check your resume before sending it out to the recruiters. Every single job in today’s time requires attention to detail, and sending your resume with mistakes would indicate otherwise.

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Do Not Forget The Summary In The CV Resume Format

Finally, my last tip is to include your professional summary in your cv resume format. It allows you to showcase your professional attributes and communicate how you can contribute to an organisation. Make sure that your summary is not more than two lines and is crisp. It is a simple task that demonstrates you are job-ready and are prepared to take on the challenges of the corporate world.

Writing a professional summary is easier said than done. It requires you to introspect and reflect on how your skills and goals meet at a common point. You can simplify this task by writing your professional summary after you have written your resume.

With these tips, now you can make the perfect resume for beginners and get through the initial screening round.


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