The One Thing That The Pandemic Could Not Change – Resume for Freshers and Professionals

The pandemic zoomed into our lives two years back and abruptly altered the way we work. Offices had to shift to employees’ homes almost overnight and video calls replaced in-person meetings. Two years into the pandemic, we are now used to Zooming co-workers, using online collaboration tools and embracing technology in virtually every aspect of our work. Hiring too has gone completely digital, with applications and interviews happening online. Interestingly, one crucial element has remained unchanged. And that is the one-page resume for freshers and professionals. It continues to be a favourite with recruiters and hiring managers.

You may wonder why is the resume still the most favoured form of application in this world of social media and advanced technology when there are several other ways of applying for jobs. It is because the basics of a good resume have still not changed. The content that a recruiter looks out for in a resume remains static. Employers still want to see an age-old resume format for freshers and professionals that details  experience and education in reverse chronological order. Although you can choose from a variety of fancy templates and fonts, it is the plain, age-old ones that the recruiters are most comfortable with.

For recruiters and hiring managers, reviewing a resume is only second to a personal interview in identifying if a candidate is suitable for a job. Monster’s latest “Future of Work” report states that most recruiters in the US prefer scanning resumes on resume sites like Monster or Naukri, the most effective tool for finding qualified candidates. India is no different.

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While making a resume, there are a few aspects that can ensure that your application catches the attention of recruiters as well as the ATS. Firstly, always quantify your work in the experience section and use strong action verbs to define your individual contributions. Secondly, using keywords used in the job description can rank your resume higher against your competition.

A golden rule is to read the job description and highlight such keywords and skills that the job demands. Make sure that you use these terms at relevant places in your resume for the ATS to catch it and pass it on to the human eye.

Lastly, organise the content in a structured format so that it becomes easy to skim through. While you may get tempted to experiment with colourful templates and new formats and fonts, such resumes may not get picked by screening software.

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