Bored of Your First Job? Here is How You Can Make A Computer Engineering Resume For Your Second Job

The first job in IT can be quite challenging. Many large companies hire freshers after rigorously shortlisting computer engineering resumes and gruelling interview rounds. They recruit in large numbers anticipating projects in the future. However, they place these freshers on the bench till the discussions with clients materialise into active projects.

It is a tricky situation that can leave anyone disheartened. After all, freshers are only too excited to work on real-time projects. This bench time can continue for months and drive such individuals to look for new jobs.

If you are in a similar situation and looking for online jobs for freshers, you will realise that you need to make a strong resume to get an interview call. I have listed a few tips here to help you in this regard and move to a job where you can contribute and learn.

Pursue a Course

My very first suggestion is to add weight to your resume. Now that you have entered the corporate world and have spent a few months with an organisation, your CV should be more than a resume for freshers. Submitting the same resume you used while applying during college may not be the best way to bag a new job.

To get a new job, you will have to add more meaningful information to your resume. The easiest way to do it is by pursuing a course in a skill that is hot in the market right now. For instance, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, data science and IoT are in high demand. Assess your interests and utilise all the free time you have on your hand to add to your competencies.

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Work On Projects

Less work in the office would mean you have the time and energy to pursue something on the side. We are living in a gig economy where every business, big or small, is keen to work with freelancers. You can sign up on websites like Upwork, Truelancer, Fiverr, Guru, etc. and look for projects.

Adding these projects to your resume will give it more depth. Moreover, it will demonstrate your entrepreneurial side and add to your skillsets immensely. Working single-handedly on such projects will also boost your confidence which will come out in your interview performance.

You can create or upload your resume on VIPApplicant. Using the AI-based resume builder and optimiser you can illustrate your skills in the best manner possible. You can also use the AI-powered text generator to write a professional summary and description of your project experiences.

a computer engineering resume

Take In-house Training

Several companies organise frequent upskilling training for their employees. Apart from these, they also provide study material to let their employees hone their skills. You can utilise your bench time by going to as many such programs as you can. It will help you build your portfolio and also bring an awareness of how work gets done in the industry.

These training programs are also a great way to network with other people working on different projects. For all you know, you may create an opportunity for yourself this way.

Final Words

When looking for a new job, the first and the most important step is to make an impressive and professional resume for freshers. It does not mean giving your resume a fancy aesthetic. Instead, it means adding more meaningful details to enhance your chances of scoring an interview call. With the tips given above, you can make a resume that no recruiter will say no to.

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